1. Who are you?
    ~ Kelli Van Winkle -Freelance photographer specializing in anything that strikes my fancy.
    2. Your expertise?
    ~ Few weddings, few babies, some maternities, few Senior pics, couple of boudoirs, some ranch pics,
    some holiday daycare pics, and
    LOTS of landscapes and flowers
    3. Where is your primary geographic location or area of work?
    ~ Roswell, NM- but a good majority of my photos are shot out of town/state.
    4. Has your work been exhibited in galleries or shows?
    ~ Does my parent’s living room classify as a gallery?
    5. Are there other artists in your family or ancestry?
    ~ My nephews have wicked awesome crayon doodles! My family is artistic. Each in their own field of
    6. What interested you in photography in the first place?
    ~ I liked to draw but I found it difficult to create what I wanted without copying it from a photo.
    Photography gave me a somewhat easier way to create a realistic interpretation of what I saw the
    way I envisioned it.
    7. Did you have any schooling in photography or are you self-taught?
    ~ Self-taught. Lots of trial and error. It seems like I have always had a camera in my hands (12+ years
    of experience(Age 29)) and I very much enjoy shooting. I have a degree in Horticulture, which has
    nothing to do with photography.

    I hope you enjoyed viewing my photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them.

    Please email if you would like to purchase any photos or would like to schedule a session. As you can tell from my galleries, my style is a bit eclectic, so if you have a certain photo you want taken, then I am all ears to any ideas! kellivw@gmail.com

    Kell Van Winkle